I earned my A.A.S. in Electronic Engineering at Southeast Community College in Milford NE. in 1980. I developed “Specialized” test equipment and worked in the Steam Turbine Power Generation field. Some of my last few projects were at Palo Verde Nuclear Plant and Los Alamos National Labs.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Colorado State University (1999). I have worked for the College of Agricultural Sciences at CSU since then. I am now the Assistant Director of Information Technology for Systems & Application Development. I have experience in both Windows and Unix/Linux. I currently manage a Windows 2008/2012 R2 child domain with several thousand user accounts. I am using VMWare vSphere for virtualized services.

I have experience in setting up a multitude of servers (such as IIS, DHCP, Terminal Services etc.) and enjoy writing programs – mostly to simplify the various tasks as a system administrator.

I have worked on a large project implementing Digital Measures Activity Insight for the college which we call “FSAS” (Faculty Staff Activity System). I wrote the program which uses the Digital Measures Web Services (RESTful) to auto-populate data from the university data warehouse to FSAS. Currently we are syncing data to the “Personal & Contact Information”, “Yearly Data”, “Scheduled Teaching” and “Funded Contracts, Fellowships, Grants and Sponsored Research” screens. We also use the Web Services to automatically add any new accounts to FSAS, and enable/disable accounts. From the beginning I wrote the program to handle the data for the whole university which was nice since we went campus-wide. Now the whole university data is being synced.

I enjoy camping, fishing, hunting, RVing, kayaking, ATVing and riding my motorcycle. I also like photography and own a semi-professional DSLR camera.


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